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We Have Nut-Free & Gluten-Free Chanukah Chocolate!

Far too often in life, children with food allergies get overlooked. But that doesn’t mean they enjoy Chanukah chocolates any less than other children – after all, a child without a sweet tooth is rare! Despite this fact, however, it’s still difficult to find chocolate that’s nut-free or gluten-free. thinks everyone deserves a treat during Chanukah! That’s why sell a wide variety of nut-free and gluten-free chanukah chocolates distributed by Party Judaica LLC.

Which Chanukah Chocolates Are Truly Nut-Free?

With food allergies ranging from mild to life-threatening, there is a massive difference between chocolate that’s merely nut-free – and chocolate produced in a completely nut-free factory. This ensures there are absolutely no trace amounts of nuts in your chocolate whatsoever.

Nut-free chocolate from Party Judaica LLC is available in both milk chocolate and parve (dairy-free) varieties, and yes – it was produced in a completely nut-free factory! If you or your children adore Chanukah chocolate, but can’t always find it, you’ll be pleased with our options, whether you’re hosting a school Chanukah party or celebrating at home. You can buy our nut-free chocolate gelt here! and have piece of mind for your Chanukah celebration

Is Chanukah Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Luckily for chocolate lovers, Chanukah chocolate is available in gluten-free varieties from Party Judaica LLC. Chocolate by itself doesn’t typically include gluten, but certain candy bars and wafers may contain trace amounts – so it’s always good to find out for sure!

People follow gluten-free diets for many reasons, though the main ones are celiac disease and wheat allergies. (Along with nuts, wheat is among one of the top eight FDA-recognized food allergens.) Other people choose not to consume gluten because of an adverse effect on their health, such as insulin spikes, low nutritional value, or negative effects on their digestive system.

If you need nut-free Chanukah chocolate for your students or children, be sure to browse Many case sizes are available, so you can ensure everyone at your party gets their own gift bag. You even get a free gift with every order! For any questions We’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Hoping you have a fantastic Chanukah!